Muscle Sandwich Protein Candy Bar

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Now GolfLETE's can enjoy life’s simple pleasures, even a protein seeking Golfer like you!


This Vanilla and Chocolate flavored Muscle Sandwich protein bar has 14 grams of quality protein and is a natural source of EFA’s. Muscle Sandwich is made with 100% real peanut butter and low glycemic graham crackers. Such and easy way to get Protein on the Go as you head to the Golf Course, and at a very affordable price.

Think back to sittin’ in your kitchen after grade school, sippin’ on an ice cold glass of whole milk and snackin’ on a peanut butter sammie. Bam! That’s what The Vanilla Muscle Sandwich® tastes like. 100% real peanut butter, graham crackers, and creamy white chocolate make The Vanilla Muscle Sandwich taste like an episode of Leave It to Beaver. The Muscle Sandwich® protein candy bar derives its 14 grams of protein from the highest quality whey protein isolate, and is a natural source of EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids).

Muscle Sandwich® is for everyone: kids, adults, your favorite PGA Player, and his sister, too!