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The Birdie Bar: A Golf-Specific Nutrition Bar Developed and Tested by Golfers for Golfers

The Birdie Bar is the first nutrition bar made specifically for golfers. It provides essential nutrients unique to a golfer’s body to help fight fatigue, sustain focus, and improve performance while on the course – and is designed to withstand the length of the game on extremely hot days.


While a golf pro may help correct swings and take strokes off a player’s game, the Birdie Bar increases your energy, stamina and stability – which can help you drive the ball farther and avoid the sand-trap of fatigue and injury.

It’s also hassle-free! Unlike most sports bars, the Birdie Bar doesn’t have a sticky chocolate coating, so it won’t melt in your hands or in your golf bag. Our team’s love for nutrition and golf is what inspired us to create a delicious, no-mess nutrition bar with the perfect blend of sugars, proteins, and carbs to fuel the needs of a golfer.

With a multitude of energy bars, meal replacements, and supplements to choose from, there has never been a golf-specific choice, until now! For golfers looking to stay healthy on the greens, the new Birdie Bar is your ideal golfing partner.

 More Info:

Most nutrition bars create insulin spikes because of their high sugar content which can inhibit the game of the golfer significantly. Insulin spikes can make you jittery, lose focus, and make you fatigued very quick. The Birdie Bar consists of healthy carbs and fats to harness energy to muscles, high protein to fight fatigue, and low sugar to avoid insulin spikes and crashes. Since you are on the course for many hours at a time, the Birdie Bar provides you with the essential nutrients you need to sustain mental focus and physical stamina without feeling fatigued.

 Each box contains 12 Birdie Bars 



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