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ANIMAL FLEX - Protect Athlete's Joints From Continuous Wear! Rebuilds Healthy Joints & Alleviates Inflammation! Instant & Lasting Results!

ANIMAL FLEX  is a joint and ligament formula designed to help protect athlete's joints from the continuous wear and tear brought about by sport and weight training. Animal Flex has been formulated specifically for athletes who train and exercise at a high level. Each pack consists of several different complexes designed to help strength and support joints, ligaments and tendons. Animal Flex is complete and best of all, it requires only a single dose per day. For more than twenty years, Universal Nutrition has been a leading supplement manufacturer dedicated to developing breakthrough nutritional products that are excellent in quality and competitive in price. Universal manufactures all if its products in its state of the art product.

Grind Through the Beating: Day after day you put your body through the ringer. It hurts, it creaks, and it aches. It’s become such a common routine that you just push through. There are no excuses around here…you just pop a pack of Flex each day and get to work.

The Ultimate Lube Job: You’re putting yourself through rigorous training and your joints feel trashed. Find relief with Animal Flex—a comprehensive joint health and support matrix. The one a day pill packet is also available in powder form, and any way you like it, use Flex to protect, repair and restore.

Relief and Fortification: Golfers joints take a pounding from the all the repetition on the golf course and the driving range, hour after hour of training to dial in your game. Your joints ache just from everyday life. Whatever your passion—you need Animal Flex in your program. Relieve some aches and pains and lubricate and protect your joints.