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Golf Performance Training - Be a Winning Golfers

Flexibility, Enhance Your Game, Enhance Your Life

Flexibility training is one of the most basic yet overlooked aspects of health, related to athletics. Due to the repetitive, irregular motions of golf, flexibility is vital. As golfers age, one of the first noticeable problems is loss of flexibility, which results in loss of club head speed, loss of distance, and increased risk of injury. Fortunately, it is never too late to increase and improve flexibility. Almost every elite athlete includes flexibility training into his or her regular routine. Treat yourself like a pro and include it in your game!
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Why Strength Train for Golf?

Strength Training For Golf Over the past several years, golf has become more and more popular throughout the world and as a result, health care professionals are seeing more and more golf related injuries. Whether you recognize it or not,...
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Stability & Balance Using Leverage Discs

Stand on leverage discs in golf set up posture to create instability. 1st use a shaft or a club across the chest as pictured then progress to a weighted bar for an advanced movement Keeping your spine angle rotate to your backswing & hold for 10 seconds then to your followthrough for a 10sec hold. Combine backswing and followthrough continuously for 10 reps total.
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One Knee Statue of Liberty Kettle Ball

One knee on a stability disc or Airex pad. Hold KB by your side. Drive hips forward with a pelvic tilt. To stretch the hip flexor & quad. Raise the KB up overhead. Simply get up & walk 20 steps to the same kneeling position. Remember to keep the spine aligned & DO NOT tilt or lean the body. This will help in spine stabilization & overall body strength in the golf swing.
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