Why Strength Train for Golf?

  • Post by  Scott Fedisin May 17, 2018

Strength Training For Golf

Over the past several years, golf has become more and more popular throughout the world and as a result, health care professionals are seeing more and more golf related injuries. Whether you recognize it or not, golf is very hard on the body. The lower back receives the most stress during a round of golf, but the hips, shoulders, neck, elbows and wrists also receive a significant amount of stress. Without properly caring for your body, these high stress areas can easily become weak and injured. By taking some simple maintenance steps for your body, you can greatly decrease your risk of injury and prolong your healthy golfing days. Besides being great for your body, strength training has benefits for the avid golfer:
  • Increased distance
  • Increased ball control
  • Increased endurance
  • Decreased risk of injury