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Golf Performance Training - Be a Winning Golfers

Rolling Hips

A great way to mobilize the hips through a full range of motion prior to playing golf. Sit up tall, use your hands for support as little as possible and drop the knees side to side trying to maintain 90...
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Trunk Activated Bridge

The glutes are the king of the golf swing and are meant to generate strength and power. This drill is a great way to get the glutes fired up prior to stepping on the first tee. Using a light band or tube, pull your hands apart keeping your arms straight. 
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Hip Hinge

Having the ability to hinge and crease your body at your hips may be the most important aspect of movement quality when it comes to golf. Our hips are meant to be mobile, and if they aren't we result to major compensations with often times the lower back taking over and leading to eventual pain and injury through repeated rotation. 
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Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Using an Aires pad or a stability disc. Keel on the pad with the other leg at 90 degrees. Pelvic tilt the hips forward to feel a stretch on the kneeling hip & quad. Reach same side hand as the kneeling leg behind head. Using a lateral lean, reach the elbow towards the sky & hold the stretch for 15 seconds
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Internal & External Hip Rotation

Lay on your back with knees bent & feet flat on the floor. External; Spread the feet wider than the hips & simply let the knees drop to the outside to open the knees. Hold for 15 seconds. Internal; Keeping the feet wide drop your knees in to each other. If your knees touch move your feet wider. Hold this for 15 seconds. Repeat 3 times each.
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