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Golf Performance Training - Be a Winning Golfers

Trunk Activated Bridge

The glutes are the king of the golf swing and are meant to generate strength and power. This drill is a great way to get the glutes fired up prior to stepping on the first tee. Using a light band or tube, pull your hands apart keeping your arms straight. 
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Hip Hinge

Having the ability to hinge and crease your body at your hips may be the most important aspect of movement quality when it comes to golf. Our hips are meant to be mobile, and if they aren't we result to major compensations with often times the lower back taking over and leading to eventual pain and injury through repeated rotation. 
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Shoulder External Rotations

Stand against a wall with your heels, tailbone, mid back and head touching the wall. Then bringing your elbows up to a 90 degree angle, keep the elbow as a fixed axis and try to reach the back of your forearms and palms back against the wall maintaining the contact points. 
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Athletic Stance T-Spine Wall Press

Set up a foot or so away from the wall in an athletic, golf posture stance. Rotate torso and sit into the hip closest to the wall placing palms against the wall. Try to get the trail arm straight as you actively press into the wall. The biggest compensation here will be to move the knees and hips excessively toward the wall. Do 2 sets of 5 reps per side allowing for a good exhale breath as you press into the wall each time. 
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Flexibility, Enhance Your Game, Enhance Your Life

Flexibility training is one of the most basic yet overlooked aspects of health, related to athletics. Due to the repetitive, irregular motions of golf, flexibility is vital. As golfers age, one of the first noticeable problems is loss of flexibility, which results in loss of club head speed, loss of distance, and increased risk of injury. Fortunately, it is never too late to increase and improve flexibility. Almost every elite athlete includes flexibility training into his or her regular routine. Treat yourself like a pro and include it in your game!
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