SmartSweets Sweet Fish
$29.98 $39.48
Looking to find The PERFECT Sweet Snack to Take onto the Golf Course?  Let Smart Sweet Sweet Fish fix your sweet tooth cravings!  NO GUESSWORK! ONE BAG = ONE SERVING, AND:  92% less sugar than other fish 3 grams of sugar for the whole bag! 44% less calories than the other fish 13 grams of plant-based fiber #GolfLETE Smart Choice DELICIOUS CANDY YOU CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT  Free from sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and added sugar Smartly sweetened with high-quality, natural sweeteners: monk fruit and allulose Free from artificial flavors and colors Packed with plant-based goodness Made without major allergens including tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, milk, eggs, fish, and shellfish  Gluten free & non-GMO  #TeamSweet filled with berry-deliciousness