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Are you MENTALLY ready for your next big TEST on the Golf Course?   Unlock Brain FOCUS, Attentiveness, and Creativity with our highly advanced focus formula, Mental Trigger®. The vast majority of supplements on the market address the physical needs we demand, but finally one has come along to address our mental needs. Focus ingredients like the ones we’ve included in Mental Trigger® are cutting edge chemical compounds that people from all walks of life have been capitalizing on and gaining the competitive edge on those who have been going without. Whether your dialing in your game for the next BIG Tournament or just getting prepared for the weekend round with your friends – Mental Trigger® - it’ll have you ready and where you need to be when it counts the most.   250mg Caffeine Anhydrous - A dehydrated form of caffeine that promotes alertness and wakefulness 100mg Hesperidin 92% - A bioflavonoid...