Eat Me Guilt Free Brownie
$27.99 $36.00
A “Protein Brownie” can’t actually  taste good… right? Wrong! Our Eat Me Guilt Free Brownie has won the hearts and taste buds of many without ever having to compromise between luscious and lean. DELICIOUS FLAVORS: Birthday Cake is a low carb, protein healthy snack. It has a buttery, confetti filled birthday cake flavor that makes you feel like it is your birthday all year long   /  Original Chocolate Brownie is a low carb and high protein healthy snack that is guaranteed to satisfy chocoholics everywhere POWERED WITH PROTEIN: Each brownie has 22 grams of protein and 190 calories BAKED PERFECTION: Passionately crafted and expertly baked by a team of highly skilled bakers SWEET SNACK ANYTIME: A perfect alternative to sweets during any time of the day; before a Tee Time or for a mid-day snack CRAVINGS SATISFIED: At home, on the Golf course or on the go; individually wrapped for freshness Made in the USA...