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Golf Performance Training - Be a Winning Golfers

Hip Rotation With Stability

Creating dissociation in the body is one of the best ways to add power and distance to your golf game. Using the golf club for support, rotate your hips side to side slowly. Make sure you initiate the move with your hips and not your knees. Keep your upper body as still as you can. Do 10 rotations in each direction. 
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Like all sports, one of the best ways to spruce up your mental focus is to implement a smart diet and exercise regimen. Whether that means streamlining by getting the right amount of food in your body; re-evaluating what you’re doing wrong in the first place; or deciding if you need to start from scratch with a qualified nutrition professional. Your output is a direct result of your input—and that means everything you consume should be used as fuel.

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Rolling Hips

A great way to mobilize the hips through a full range of motion prior to playing golf. Sit up tall, use your hands for support as little as possible and drop the knees side to side trying to maintain 90...
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Trunk Activated Bridge

The glutes are the king of the golf swing and are meant to generate strength and power. This drill is a great way to get the glutes fired up prior to stepping on the first tee. Using a light band or tube, pull your hands apart keeping your arms straight. 
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Hip Hinge

Having the ability to hinge and crease your body at your hips may be the most important aspect of movement quality when it comes to golf. Our hips are meant to be mobile, and if they aren't we result to major compensations with often times the lower back taking over and leading to eventual pain and injury through repeated rotation. 
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Side Lying Open Books

Lying on your side, squeeze a foam roller or yoga block between your knees and bring the knees up toward waist height. Maintaining the squeeze reach the top arm up and open back toward the floor. Allow your torso and head to rotate following your arm however keep the hips and lower body still, actively squeezing the roller or block. Start with 2 sets of 10 reps per side.
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