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Hip Rotation With Stability

Creating dissociation in the body is one of the best ways to add power and distance to your golf game. Using the golf club for support, rotate your hips side to side slowly. Make sure you initiate the move with your hips and not your knees. Keep your upper body as still as you can. Do 10 rotations in each direction. 
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Like all sports, one of the best ways to spruce up your mental focus is to implement a smart diet and exercise regimen. Whether that means streamlining by getting the right amount of food in your body; re-evaluating what you’re doing wrong in the first place; or deciding if you need to start from scratch with a qualified nutrition professional. Your output is a direct result of your input—and that means everything you consume should be used as fuel.

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The Importance of Training For Golf

No matter what sport you choose, building strength and stamina can improve your chances for success. In fact, regular exercise of any kind is good for everything you do in your daily life. That’s why training for golf is critical. Strong muscles will help you improve your game, reduce your risk of injury, and combat general health issues down the road.
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Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Using an Aires pad or a stability disc. Keel on the pad with the other leg at 90 degrees. Pelvic tilt the hips forward to feel a stretch on the kneeling hip & quad. Reach same side hand as the kneeling leg behind head. Using a lateral lean, reach the elbow towards the sky & hold the stretch for 15 seconds
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Why Strength Train for Golf?

Strength Training For Golf Over the past several years, golf has become more and more popular throughout the world and as a result, health care professionals are seeing more and more golf related injuries. Whether you recognize it or not,...
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Stability & Balance Using Leverage Discs

Stand on leverage discs in golf set up posture to create instability. 1st use a shaft or a club across the chest as pictured then progress to a weighted bar for an advanced movement Keeping your spine angle rotate to your backswing & hold for 10 seconds then to your followthrough for a 10sec hold. Combine backswing and followthrough continuously for 10 reps total.
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One Knee Statue of Liberty Kettle Ball

One knee on a stability disc or Airex pad. Hold KB by your side. Drive hips forward with a pelvic tilt. To stretch the hip flexor & quad. Raise the KB up overhead. Simply get up & walk 20 steps to the same kneeling position. Remember to keep the spine aligned & DO NOT tilt or lean the body. This will help in spine stabilization & overall body strength in the golf swing.
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