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Golf Performance Training - Be a Winning Golfers

Why Strength Train for Golf?

Strength Training For Golf Over the past several years, golf has become more and more popular throughout the world and as a result, health care professionals are seeing more and more golf related injuries. Whether you recognize it or not,...
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Stability & Balance Using Leverage Discs

Stand on leverage discs in golf set up posture to create instability. 1st use a shaft or a club across the chest as pictured then progress to a weighted bar for an advanced movement Keeping your spine angle rotate to your backswing & hold for 10 seconds then to your followthrough for a 10sec hold. Combine backswing and followthrough continuously for 10 reps total.
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One Knee Statue of Liberty Kettle Ball

One knee on a stability disc or Airex pad. Hold KB by your side. Drive hips forward with a pelvic tilt. To stretch the hip flexor & quad. Raise the KB up overhead. Simply get up & walk 20 steps to the same kneeling position. Remember to keep the spine aligned & DO NOT tilt or lean the body. This will help in spine stabilization & overall body strength in the golf swing.
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