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Hip Rotation With Stability

Creating dissociation in the body is one of the best ways to add power and distance to your golf game. Using the golf club for support, rotate your hips side to side slowly. Make sure you initiate the move with your hips and not your knees. Keep your upper body as still as you can. Do 10 rotations in each direction. 
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The Importance of Training For Golf

No matter what sport you choose, building strength and stamina can improve your chances for success. In fact, regular exercise of any kind is good for everything you do in your daily life. That’s why training for golf is critical. Strong muscles will help you improve your game, reduce your risk of injury, and combat general health issues down the road.
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Seated Torso Rotation

Sitting up tall on the end of a bench, place feet flat on floor and squeeze your knees together not letting them come apart throughout the movement. Place hands loose behind the head and rotate your torso side to side, resetting in the middle each time. Perform 8 reps per side.
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