Training Tips and Tricks
Range is both an enduro race rig and the ideal backcountry accomplice perfect for exploring shale covered slopes and remote mountain ranges. The all mountain–tuned A.R. suspension system helps the bike climb to objectives with impressive efficiency.

Chipping Drill with Kyle Weeks

Post by  Jeremy DeLuca Jul 18, 2018

Chipping with lower lofts Rather than grabbing your sand wedge for every chip shot, practice chipping with lower lofted clubs. Getting the ball rolling on the ground quickly leads to shots closer to the hole and more up and downs. Presented by Kyle Weeks

Chip Shot Drill with Sydney Cox- Touring Golf Professional

Post by  Jeremy DeLuca May 17, 2018

Sydney Cox - Chip Shot Drill Tip- Lay down a towel during your chip practicing to help you visualize your target.